Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A summer night.

    A summer night.
we can enjoy the various sights of nature in different seasons. In a winter night we can not come out houses for shivering for cold. Similarly in rainy season, we can not go out for raining. In summer, nature sometimes becomes very hostile. The night is really enjoyable. I have enjoyed a summer night last year. There was no cloud in the sky. The full moon was dazzling. The gentle breeze was blowing. Most of the men, women and children come out their houses. Our family members sat in the courtyard. The children were playing in the field in front of our house. The elderly people gathered in the field. They were busy with gossiping and idle talks. Some children were plying hide and seek. in the moon light, everything looked golden. The crops in the fields were tossing their heads in gentle breeze and taking rest in moon light and they were relaxing with comforts. The women of our family were gossiping with other neighboring women..  The young people of our family were discussing family and social problems. As I am a student of a college and I stay in the town, I was talking about my college friends, teachers and my hostel life to my parents. My younger sister is very fond of me. She always wants to keep at my side. She was also listening to me instead of going to play with other children. The people of the whole village came out of their houses to enjoy such an enjoyable night of summer. I still can not forget that summer night. That night is really unforgettable.      

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